About the application

An electronic platform that aims to raise the level of services and maintenance provided to homes and all establishments by collecting and connecting the best and most skilled specialists in all areas of maintenance to customers in their homes, to ensure and achieve a high level of quality, safety and better service for our valued customers.

Application features

The application provides distinct and unique services to the client and the technician alike professionally, through the provided electronic platform, which is characterized by ease of use as it is determined electronically and the presentation and acceptance of requests and pre-agreement on the amount of the process before starting the implementation, and also guarantees the customer the right to evaluate the service after Do the work. We are also concerned with preserving the rights of all beneficiaries in a safe and fair manner.

Certified technicians

All our service providers are subject to an examination during registration as well as through the evaluation provided by the client after each process they perform, and there is a service index subject to high-quality standards and standards, which adopts the responsibility to maintain the workplace and ensure that it is left better than it was before.

Total safety

Rodina seeks to audit the personal data of all service and maintenance providers before joining, as it checks the accuracy of having a decent personal file and free from any legal or ethical violations.

Availability of services at any time

Because your comfort and safety is our goal, we are ready to serve you 24 hours a day and on holidays as well, it is enough to specify the type of service and in less than a minute to take its course in the processes in progress.

Competitive prices

We offer services that are characterized by affordable prices for everyone and numerous and reliable payment options.

(العربية) الجودة الحقيقة

(العربية) لضمان الجودة والتنفيذ و الاحترافية في العمل نحن على أتم الإستعداد الدائم لتوفير خدمات الصيانة في أرجاء المملكة العربية السعودية بجوده تليق بعملائنا الكرام ونطمح في الوصول لمستوى خدمات عالي ومتطور و الرقي لأعلى مستوى من التميز الخدمي والمجتمعي

Application pages

This app is designed with advanced digital technology, practical and competitive features. So that it enjoys ease of use while dealing with its independent features and options. For example, the customer is required to register, specify the location, and then choose the required department, and we will take you to a variety of available services and offers, and then allow you to choose the specialist you want to give him the task to accomplish your work. Finally, after reviewing the request, the customer must allow the customer to send his request and then follow the process until the submitted quotations and choose the appropriate price until the issuance of the service invoice and the evaluation of work after completion.

Customer reviews

Clients are partners of success, and their impressions are a mirror that reflects the effectiveness of our mechanisms to provide perfect services at the highest quality. Therefore, we are always keen to follow up the impressions of the beneficiaries of our services to assess the performance of our work moment by moment and determine the level of services provided through us and improve them.

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